Spring 2024 - Seasonal Colour Palette

It’s spring! It’s finally, actually, properly here!

I’ve not been great at getting these posts written the last year or so, but if I’m honest I’ve really missed them as they’ve been a great pressure-free opportunity to play with colour so I’ve been sure to plan some in for this year.

In previous years Spring palettes have come out of incredibly cold winters, cabin-fever from being stuck inside (pandemic and generally weather-induced) and a sense of hope about the warmth coming.  But actually this year I’m feeling further down the line.  Although it’s still been cold, it’s still overall felt milder so I’ve not got as much warming up to do.  I also think that, personally, taking a proper break over the school Christmas holidays helped me feel less worn down in January.  It was a forced break thanks to coughs and colds for all of us, but being made to slow down at a time when other people were as well meant I actually got some proper rest and didn’t feel the guilt about knitting, reading and hibernating that I might have done had it happened in another holiday.

Personally, this year has started with a big push towards a few personal and business goals, and I think that energy comes through in the colour choices too, as well as being influenced by the new pattern collections I’m working on too.  Without giving away too much too soon, water and flowers are surrounding me at the moment and their freshness is infectious.

6 Colour palette from Holchester Designs for Spring 2024.  There is a full height rectangle in the middle with a gradient featuring all the colours, and 3 rectangles each side, each with a colour from the palette with the corresponding hex code.- colour codes 005163, F49AC2, 82AFDD, FFEFB4, F2BBAE, 5DAA60

So, to the palette.  It’s still crisp and fresh, like you would expect from a spring, but there’s definitely more of a warmth and brightness to them.  I’ve also tried to limit the colours a bit more again.  Having restricted myself in the past to 2 or three palettes of 6 colours, more recent palette posts have been one larger one but as a challenge to myself I’m back to keep them smaller.  These have also been great creative challenges to myself, using them to design more limited colour patterns and pattern variations, so if you’re that way inclined here’s your invitation to give them a go and see what you create. And if you do use it for anything do let me know – I’d love to see what you do with it!

You can read previous colour palette posts via the links [on the images] below.


Blog Cover Graphic - Bold & Bright colour palette for Spring 2023. Behind the text is a blur of colour gradients using the colours in the palette including a hot pink, a deep blue and a chartreuse green.           
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