An Oxfordshire based surface pattern and graphic designer, a mum of 2 and someone who misses working with other people! Rather than fall back to a ‘pure-HR’ type role, which had been my career pre-kids, I decided I wanted more creativity and flexibility in my day to day and saw an opportunity to bring together my design and office experience in a way that can help others. I run my own design studio, working to commission and on my own products, alongside helping others as a Creative Graphic Design VA which gives me brilliant variety and also balance to my working week.

My background is neither conventional designer or textbook HR. With a degree in Art History, an MA in Art Gallery and Museum Studies, a Certificate in Business Studies and part-HR qualified you can see that my mixture started straight out of school. Graduating at a time that was far from buoyant in the cultural sector I took the skills I’d gained so far - writing, project management, team working - across to a more conventional office and administration environment where I needed to write professional documents and present to clients and colleagues. Great presentation and clear communication were fundamental to these roles and with continuous honing, they help me work successful with wonderful small business owners.

Fast forward to today and I now have over 16 years experience spanning office management, HR and graphic design, within micro to international organisations. So I bring with me an understanding of just how many cogs keep a business turning, the numerous pulls on small business owners’ time and on how effective good design can be in getting your business message out there.

Want to read a little more about me? Although it's from 2019 I've got a blog post that might fill in some gaps!

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