Spring 2022 Colour Palette

Whenever I do these I talk about how I came up with the palette and usually that’s governed by how I’m feeling and the energy in the season - at it’s core is colour psychology and my own awareness of how I react to and use colour.

Well, this Spring is no different. And yet it really, really is.

As I was first pulling the palette together I’d been enjoying the Snow Drops and Daffodils around me, and whilst we’ve had some strong winds and storms which have given this transition in to Spring a bit of an edge, generally it’s been mild. Add in Covid-19 restrictions easing and there was a definite positivity.

Rectangles with rounded corners are in diagonal rows across the square.  They are each a different colour from the Holchester Designs Spring 2022 Colour Palette.

As February turned in to March, however, and other significant world events began to unfold, a weighty-ness has definitely come into the background. Now I’m not going to discuss the world events as, frankly, this isn’t the place and nor do have the knowledge or understanding to do justice to what is still an incredibly complex and changing situation. But in order to put this year’s Spring palette in context they do need a mention.

Following what has already been a challenging two years I can say with confidence that I am more aware of my surroundings and the effect colour has on me more than ever - on my mood, on my approach to work and my family, and on how deliberate I use it as a tool. Whilst the contrast of light and dark is something I use often in my palettes and my work, it does strike me as an apt if unintentional metaphor for the current climate.

I can end this post on a positive though - once you start listening to how you respond to colour and think about how you can use that to your advantage, you really can surround yourself by colours, objects, patterns and pictures that can help you channel what you need. Isn’t that amazing?!

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