Support Packages - Terms And Conditions Overview

This isn’t an exhaustive set of terms and conditions for the packages I offer, but a summary of key points I thought might be useful.

  • Before beginning to work with any client a proper contract will be issued for both parties to sign with all the relevant details for each arrangement.
  • All packages require full payment up front to secure the time.  Packages longer than one month (not including rolling agreements) will be split into equal parts, each of which is also due at the start of the each month.
  • Generally as standard all packages have a 1 month notice period. If payment isn’t received work won’t start for that month, but invoice may still be raised if notice is not given within the time frame detailed on the contract.
  • Ordinarily 1 round of revisions per graphic per month is included in the price with any further revisions incurring a charge based upon my hourly rate. This is subject to the nature of the package and will be outlined in the contract. All extra charges will be notified in advance with an opportunity to decline incurring the fee.
  • Nothing would be created for you from scratch without your agreement first and any original brand assets that may be created for you across the process may incur a separate design fee which you will be advised of in advance.
  • All copyright will be transferred to you upon delivery of final files but I will retain permission to use them as examples of my work in my portfolio/on my website etc.  
  • Generally I am not responsible for arranging any printing of designs I produce, from experience most small businesses already have their own established contacts. I will, however, happily work to any specifications a client's chosen printer requires. The placing of print orders and final approval of any print run is the responsibility of the client unless detailed within our contract.