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Cutouts A5 Daily Planner Pad

Cutouts A5 Daily Planner Pad

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50 sheets 

A5 (8.3” X 5.8”/21cm X 14.8cm)

100gsm recycled paper with board backing

Printed in the U.K. using vegetable oil based inks.

Bringing some abstract, 90s-energy to your planning, but in a smaller A5 size, this Cutouts desk planning pad with easy to tear-off pages is perfect for focusing your day, keeping by the phone or having to hand in the kitchen for shopping lists or housework sorting (and yes, just because the jobs are boring they can still be written on something fun!). 

The Cutouts pattern has roots in Matisse’s cut-outs, which I’ve loved since being an art student, with a good dose of 90s pops of colours and bold geometric shapes to [hopefully] bring some colour and energy to whatever’s on the page, and charm your eye at the same time.  

The idea of this daily planner pad is, just like the larger A4 weekly planner pads, that the boxes can provide a little bit of structure, but that you can use them for whatever you need that day, dividing up your daily tasks and other priorities into manageable sections to help you work through them and not get too overwhelmed.

For example the top section could be your priorities for the day, the middle section could be what actions you need to take to get it done and the bottom could be what you need to delegate out or move to the next day.  Or maybe the top section is what activities the family has on that day, the middle section is a general to-do list, and the bottom sections track how much you’ve drunk that day (because it’s been a busy one!) and who you might need to drop an email or a message to. 

Each pad has 50 identical pages, printed on recycled 100gsm paper so it’s beautifully smooth and can easily cope with you highlighting things or using a more inky pen to write with.  In fact the printer who made these specialises in eco-printing, and also uses vegetable oil based inks.  The writing panels are ever so slightly see-through, so you can see the pattern underneath, but you can still very easily read everything you’ve noted down. The notepad is also backed with recycled board, which gives it some rigidity but also means it’s a fully recycled and recyclable product too! And to top it off it will arrive with you wrapped in a biodegradable cellophane wrap so it can be binned guild-free as you know it’ll easily decompose without releasing any nasties in to the ground. 

These pads are a great gift-able size, being A5 they’re easy to post and whilst they work great as part of a gift set (more about those below) they’re a brilliant unique but also budget-friendly gift for a colleague, an colourful Secret-Santa surprise, or even a practical but fun thank you for a teacher.  I’m a firm believer that a great piece of patterned stationery really is a gift for nearly all situations! 

If you like your patterned stationery, but aren’t sure about this layout, there are other A5 notepads without the boxes available, and if the pattern is your favourite bit then don’t forget the other products within the pattern collection.  Plus if you’re wanting to create some sort of gift set there’s a whole category for those in the shop, making it lovely and easy for you to choose.

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Pauline H
Fab quality

Lovely paper quality and vibrant colours. All made in the UK and eco-friendly too.