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Circles A5 Notebook

Circles A5 Notebook

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200 pages

A5 (8.3” X 5.8”/21CM X 14.8CM)

300gsm card cover with 100gsm FSC* approved white internal pages

'Perfect Binding' square spine. 

    This hand-bag-sized geometric patterned notebook is a stylish statement piece of stationery that is great for notetaking, doodling or for journaling.  

    With inspiration from beautiful geometric tiles and flooring (yes, I love interiors as well as stationery), this is the tiles pattern I’d love to have in my bathroom or kitchen if I ever went into tile production.  That is not, however, where my forte lies so instead we’ve got the Circles Notebook which hopefully adds a colourful statement to your stationery collection and brings with it some bright, positive energy for travelling around with you. 

    The cover is 300gsm card, making it sturdy but not too heavy for carrying, with a light blue inside cover (so the colour continues as long as possible).  The 200 internal pages are 100gsm FSC approved paper - so will hold up against really inky pens including highlighters and fountain pens - and the first one has a monochrome version of the cover with a circle for key information, so there’s no need to get that first-page fear with these notebooks! Whilst there aren’t page numbers (the B5 have them if you need them), these do have the same light-grey 5mm-spaced dots which mean you can keep your notes straight (if that’s what you want) but they’re not too dark to overwhelm any writing or drawing you might do on the page.  

    Finally, the binding of these is a square ‘perfect binding’ meaning they’re glued all along the spine.  This allows a bit of flex though, and with creases in the cover you can open it out nice and wide to get the most out of each of the pages.  

    These notebooks are printed here in the UK by an independent business specialising in book printing, and the same printer that has printed all my notebooks.  As with all my products the print runs are kept deliberately small, ensuring waste is minimised and allowing for a bigger range of patterns.  

    Each notebook comes wrapped with a recycled paper belly band and in a biodegradable cellophane wrap to protect it which makes it a planet-friendly stationery gift too!  

    Notebooks like these really are a great colourful gift for stationery addicts, journal lovers or the organisers you might know, and why not build it in to a beautiful stationery set with the addition of a double-sided bookmark, an A4 planner pad, or even a list pad for an added colour pop on your desk. With any of these items you can create an elegant, thoughtful and practical gift set sourced entirely from small and independent U.K. businesses.  I’ve even got a few pre-made sets ready to go - just click the Stationery Gift Sets category. 

    Helpful things to know:

    For a paper comparison Leuchtturm notebooks tend to be 80-100gsm, and standard printer paper is usually 70-80gsm.

    FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, which promotes responsible forestry and, arguably better than just recycled paper, FSC-Certified paper confirms that the paper used is both recyclable in its own right and has originally come from a sustainable source committed to responsible forestry practices.

    Orders take 1-4 business days to process. Need it quicker – drop me a note I’ll see what I can do.

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    Pauline H

    Lovely quality paper. Love the eco-credentials too.