What is a Creative VA? (And why am I one?)

I realised when I was doing a bit of blog planning that whilst I've written about working with a VA more generally, and have the pages about my services, I've not given much insight on here as to what it is I'm focusing on or why I decided to branch out in this way last year. So now I am!

An ipad screen is on, showing a menu with a nunber of creative apps used for running a business.  Next to it is a marble notebook with Rachel Winchester, Holchester Creative Support Studio written on the front.

Virtual Assistant - VA - is a term that is being understood more and more, but it encompasses so much, as does the term creative.  Broad brush explanation is a Creative VA is someone who works remotely to support businesses with more creative tasks and, more specifically to me, graphic design. 

Having done some work with a friend in early 2020 I realised just how much I'd missed working with other people, after going it alone 5 years earlier after the birth of my eldest daughter.  I wouldn't swap working for myself for much, but the work chat, having someone to bounce ideas off and having a different range of projects was really motivating.


So what sorts of things am I doing? Graphic design is BIG, so I'm focusing on the sorts of tasks that I believe can really help small businesses feel like their brand and messaging is unified without spending too much time, and possibly money they don’t have, pulling together the graphics and elements themselves, (and sometimes on programmes that aren't necessarily fit for purposes either). 

an open A5 notebook lies flat on a table, with pens, highlighters and paperclips scattered around it.

There are so many ways a business can put across their brand and consistency is key.  But consistency in presentation requires consistency in time too which really is a precious resource, especially for a small business owner who already wears 20 different hats. By working with a Creative Virtual Assistant (like me!) they're investing in this consistency without taking their time away from other tasks they can execute more efficiently.  And they gain professional design made, and to an extent future-proofed, with the appropriate software.

But does still seems too general? What exactly do I mean? Well, Social Media Graphics are one major example - pulling together a suite of graphics (not just one or two) that are either ready to go or reusable templates, is an easy way of consistently reflecting your brand and carrying your message.  Yet doing these as and when you need them, or reusing the same couple repeatedly, is inefficient use of time (especially if they're skills you're still learning) and can get stale quickly.

Maybe you're a product-based business who wants to make better use of Pinterest and needs a range of graphics to stand out?  Or perhaps a new line sheet or product brochure producing. 

A digital moodboard, featuring images 'taped' up on a coloured panel, with colour palette swatches at the bottom for inspiration.

But I don’t just work with product-based businesses either.  I can help with services outlines, website/blog headers, process infographics, presentation layouts or thank you gifts for clients.  I’ve even done some e-book illustrations!

You may have all the written copy but if presentation is something that you're not used to doing it can take longer than you'd like and not look like you imagine – and that’s where I can help!

One question I have had a few times though is why I refer to myself as a Creative VA as opposed to a graphic designer and in essence it’s because of my way of working.  I’m not a full-time graphic designer with a studio and all its associated costs, I’m more like a Virtual Assistant who works smaller chunks of hours with a range of both retained or ad-hoc clients, and I’m lucky enough to work those hours around both my surface pattern design work and my family.

Hopefully this answers some questions as to what and why I’m a Creative VA. But have I missed something? Either leave me a comment or drop me a message, grab a cuppa and lets have a chat!


We can talk about your business, what you might need and we can get a sense of whether we’d work well together. You’ll need to provide your own coffee but I can provide the zoom link and we’ll take it from there!


Interested? Head over to my diary and let’s get you booked in!

Prefer to do it via email? No problem, just drop me some info to hello@holchester.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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