Summer 2022 Colour Palette

Summer is well and truly here, and so it’s colour palette time!   But my word this season was hard for me to nail! 

Holchester Designs Summer 2022 Colour Palette - 5 rows of 5 circles, each with a different colour from the palette.

Two things became clear when I looked at the colours I’d pulled together.  Firstly, I’ve not moved on much from Spring they’re now just a bit more intense. 

Secondly, the intensity actually felt quite claustrophobic - I always think of hazy summer days and hazy summer colours, but these did not feel like that. 

Rather than moderate them down to what I thought they should be I instead started to think about why I might be drawn to colours like that, and to be honest it didn’t take me long. 

As I mentioned in the Spring post, things are heavy in the world right now and it’s an assault on the senses - especially with social media and never-ending news cycles.  There’s a constant heaviness to the news all round which brings with it a constant intensity of feelings.  

The next reason is much simpler - 90s revival and reminiscing means that neon pastels, tie-dye and holographic-effect are all over the place.  And whilst mixed together there’s a definite lightness to their effect, as individual colours they also tend to be pretty intense. 

Holchester Designs Summer 2022 Colour Palette Blog cover for Pinterest

So, to conclude, there’s a general sense that everything is being done with an intensity at the moment, good and bad, and it’s no surprise the colours that I’m drawn to this season are intense too! 

As always these posts aren’t ever trend driven (I don’t have the capacity to look that far forward or that analytically!) and do just draw on my feelings, which have always linked back to colour for me. But it’s been interesting reading back over the palette posts which I’ve been doing for a few years now to see how they’ve gone round in circles and yet evolved at the same time.  In fact there’s probably another blog post in there that I’ll write another time! 

Do let me know what you think about the colours - I’d love to hear if they’re a true reflection of your summer senses or not. 

Also, if you’re reminiscing about the 90s too let me know - I don't know if it’s the kids growing up making me feel old, realising it’s nearly 20 years since I started uni or just the fact my subconscious wants to go back to a time it didn’t have to be an adult.  Either way I’m loving the call-backs!

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