Autumn 2021 Seasonal Colour Palette

It’s been such a mild autumn so far that I’m not totally sure the spring/summer palette doesn't apply! Luckily the leaves on the trees have kept me right otherwise I honestly could have thought it was a slightly damp British summer.

Reading back to last year’s autumn post it’s funny how this time last year I was still clinging to the summer palette whereas this year I’m absolutely not.  Although there are some similarities in the colours I’ve chosen, I’d say this year’s is far more cosy.  And maybe a little more sophisticated  too.  

Rectangular Terazzo panel using the colours from the Holchester Designs Autumn 2021 Colour Palette.


As with all my colour palettes I’m not fully trend-led in making my choices.  Trend’s feature by osmosis from what I’m seeing and being surrounded by, but my choices are mainly driven by my own feelings about the season - I’m very much a believer in the link between colours and emotions.  Last year, as autumn was descending, here in the UK we were heading towards Lockdown 2.0 and I was undoubtedly looking back to warmer, sunnier and free-er times.  But this autumn isn’t holding quite the same level of apprehension for me as last year.  I’m under no illusion that the pandemic has passed but I am feeling a bit more settled and I’ve not got quite the same level of seasonal wanderlust.  I’m happy to get cosy for the season and get camped in ready for Christmas.  

So what do you think? Does this feel autumnal to you, or just a bit bland and meh. What colours represent your take on Autumn?


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